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Connecting People & Communities through

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Companies today have a thirst for knowledge, expertise, methodologies and creative work practices that all revolve around innovation. Dahl Communications strives to create, motivate and promote an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages Innovative ideas. We utilize wholistic design principals in our research and strategic planning approach in positioning products and services for our clients.

Basic Principals of       Strategic Planning



Strategic planning is essential for all businesses:

  • Businesses will recognize development assets and opportunities;identify trends and activities that shape the business;analyze the organization's context and link to the larger region;

  • Nonprofit and private organizations have an opportunity to identify and build a grassroots support network of state, federal, private, and nonprofit partners;

  • Business owners can identify the time, money, and other resources needed to support business and community change; and integrate the perspectives of a variety of community stakeholders in the strategic planning process.