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The rebirth of entrepreneurship interest is sweeping our rural country landscapes.  Entrepreneurship starts with individuals that aspire to improve their lives.  America was build on the backs of entrepreneurial individuals who want more out of live.  Today, educational institutions, communities and government are trying to cultivate new strategies to grow entreprenurship knowledge and pass it onto all individuals who are willing to learn.

Entrepreneurship training needs to start out in our nations schools. 

If you are interested in building an Entrepreneurship program in your community, give us a call.

Why is Entrepreneurship Important

The next generation of economic strength will come from our entrepreneurs, who are responsible for much of today's prosperity. Home-grown entrepreneurial growth companies hold the power to translate innovation into economic impact.

According to research developed by the National Commission on Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurs create new businesses and high-paying jobs at an exceptional rate.

  • While fast-growth companies account for only six percent of the six million U.S. employers, they were responsible for two-thirds of new jobs created between 1993 and 1996.

  • Since 1980 the U.S. has added 34 million jobs, despite the fact that Fortune 500 companies lost more than 5 million.

  • Fast-growing companies create a large demand for goods and services - both to fill their business needs and those of their employees and their families.

Entrepreneurs bring forth the large majority of innovative products and services that improve our quality of life.

  • Entrepreneurs have been responsible for 67 percent of the inventions and 95 percent of the radical innovations made since World War II. They have created the new products, new companies and new industries that led in large part to our most recent period of economic growth.

Entrepreneurial companies grow into economic powerhouses.

  • Of the 1997 Fortune 200 companies, 197 of them were traced back to one or more entrepreneurial founders. The largest ten such corporations accounted for 1.3 million jobs and well over $400 billion in revenues in 1997.

Entrepreneurs improve our position in global economic competition.

  • The vitality and dynamism of the entrepreneurial sector pushes companies into dominant positions in many industries that will grow in significance in the next century - genomics, telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, internet, software and environmental technologies.

Entrepreneurs create economic growth and new wealth through a "virtuous cycle."

  • Entrepreneurs attract - and spend - large amounts of capital.

  • Entrepreneurs use the new wealth that is created to reinvest in other entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurs share wealth with their employees through stock options or employee stock purchase plans.
  • Entrepreneurs fuel philanthropy in their communities.

  • Entrepreneurs increase the tax base through business growth, increased employment and wage growth.

Entrepreneurs transform innovation into a positive impact for the entire community.