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Town Planning & Citizen Participation

ImageToday, rural communities across the country are confronted each day with critical issues.  Elected officials who serve on town councils and advisory boards are increasingly asking themselves; How do we create livable and economically vital communities?  How do we provide orderly growth, promote economic development while still maintaining a unique "quality of life" traints that make our communities desireable places to live, work, shop and play.

To assist in the protection of a community's quality of life traits local officials will often turn to professional planning practioners to help conduct comprehensive land-use, economic development and quality of life strategies to navigate community leaders over the next 1-3-5 years.  Citizen involvement is an essential element in the planning process.Image

An important aspect of our professional practice is devoted to assisting community residents, local officials, community stakeholders and businesses envision and plan for their future.  We utilze a collaborative citizen-based approach that focuses on direct community involvement in all aspects of the planning process.  A few techniques include; learning circles, on-site design charrettes, community visioning and social capital asset mapping.  Throughout the planning process we also feel communication is another critical aspect in the design process.  We utilize email addresses, an interactive web plateform, local newspaper and various community information centers to share the status of project results.