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Secure Rack Space



Looking for a place to locate 1 to 5 servers in a secure location?

We have a solution for you.     Give us a call.



Our racks are located in an ultra secure facility. Connectivity to the rack is offered in the form of Gigabit fiber below the floor to the rack. Connected to this are multiple telcom-class routers and switches making provisioning a snap.  Additional Internet bandwidth is available and can be provisioned quickly.  Broadband connection is redundant, in that separate feeds, from independent suppliers are used to guarantee connectivity.


ImageAll staff entering the building must first pass through a dual 4.5 ton steel security door with a keycard, biometric verifier, and cypher keypad. Software in the lock logs all entry and exit attempts and then reports them to site security staff. Visitors must undergo multistage ID check and screening procedures including a parcel search to prevent unauthorized materials from entering or leaving the facility.

All equipment checked into the facility will be opened and screened for security prior to being admitted to the operations levels. An additional keycard, biometric verifier, and cypher keypad checkpoint then grants access to the main doors. Non-client visitors to the facility are not permitted at any time.