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Business Development Financial Assistance - (Reference Materials, IDED, 2007)

Iowa Values Fund (IVF)

The Iowa Values Fund is the state’s premier 10-year economic development program designed to transform Iowa's economy by creating highquality jobs through business development and expansion across Iowa. With a $35 million dollar annual appropriation for business development and marketing, the IVF assists Iowa companies to expand, as well as attract new businesses to the state. To be eligible, a business must provide a wage, plus specified benefits, that is equivalent to 130 percent of the county average. Eligible businesses include those in the state’s targeted industries: biosciences, information solutions/financial services and advanced manufacturing.

Entrepreneurial Ventures Assistance (EVA) Program

The EVA program is designed to encourage and support the development
of entrepreneurial ventures in Iowa, focusing mainly on high-growth,
technology-based companies. The program provides financing to
entrepreneurs for early-stage business start-up and expansion activities as
well as technical assistance.

Applicants must identify a specific project and associated costs. EVA funds
may be used to finance up to 50 percent of the total project costs, not to
exceed the $250,000 maximum. In addition, eligible applicants must have
successfully completed a recognized entrepreneurial venture development
curriculum or have equivalent business experience.

Venture Network of Iowa

The Venture Network of Iowa was established to provide a forum so inventors and entrepreneurs interact in the hope of forging profitable, long-term business relationships. VNI has been a valuable catalyst in the formation of new, viable businesses throughout Iowa by facilitating networking meetings for Iowa entrepreneurs, investors, and business advisors. 

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